Wednesday, 29 July 2009

F1 Racing Letter

I think this was essentially my first foray into writing. I wrote a letter to F1 racing magazine and it got published and made me suddenly think that there might be people out there actually interested in my opinion! I was hooked! It was published in May 2006.

I think the 2/3 year freeze on engine specifications is a good move by the FIA but I cant help feeling that they could have gone further.

Currently, engine manufacturers are frittering away in excess of £1 billion annually on internal combustion petrol engines which are essentially an obsolete technology.

Wouldn't this money be better spent in search of more ecological means of propulsion? This would be of benefit to cars normal people drive everyday and isn't seeking benefits such as these one of the reasons car manufacturers give for being involved in F1?

For as long as F1 continues to use non-renewable resources, it will not be at the pinnacle of motorsport technology as it currently purports to be.

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